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Hi, I'm Shaun!

I laugh out loud at practical joke videos online sometimes to the point where I can’t catch my breath, I enjoy a bowl of sugary cereal almost every night (no milk). I spend my time running, hiking, watching super-hero themed shows, and wrangling my four (yes, four) rascally children with my wife in Akron. I am not the loud, rowdy, “cool guy” wedding vendor who is going to show up to your celebration ready to be the life of the party, because I am going to be in the background capturing all the special, intimate moments of your story on your day. 


With four young children and a wife whose enthusiasm can sometimes become a whirlwind, I am accustomed to being the steady in the wild ride. I hope to bring that peace to your celebration. It brings me such joy to listen to a couple’s vision, capture their love on video, and provide my clients a unique, high-quality product that they can treasure for decades to come. It is such an honor to spend my days telling love stories, and I hope that you will let me help tell yours.   


Let’s work together.

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